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We specialize in ON SITE services. Did you know we can resolve many computer issues right over the internet? True Story!!! Ask us about our remote service specials.

Fat Cat Computers is now Fat Cat Technology Studios. This long time staple in our community is now being headed up by David Garcia. David is also the founder of Rebelution Records.

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***SCAM ALERT*** The Attorney General's Office’s Consumer Protection Division has received multiple reports of consumers receiving phone calls from someone claiming to be from Microsoft Windows wanting to gain access to the consumer’s computer in order to “make repairs.” The caller tells the consumer that their computer has an urgent problem or virus that must be fixed immediately. The caller says “Microsoft” can connect to the computer remotely and repair it for the customer. Once the scammer is connected to the computer, they either steal the consumer’s financial information through a fraudulent “pay” website or install malicious software that combs the computer for personal information, such as usernames, passwords, bank and credit card numbers, tax documents and more. In other cases, the scammer locks the computer and refuses to unlock it unless the consumer pays a specific amount for the “repairs.” “Consumers should be extremely cautious of these types of cold calls,” Attorney General Morrisey said. “Although these scammers are pretty savvy when using technical jargon, it’s highly unlikely that an unsolicited caller would know anything about your computer.” Microsoft has issued warnings on its website about this scam, saying neither the company nor any of its partners make unsolicited calls to computer users. Since initial warnings circulated, some consumers have been able to recognize the scam when they are called. However, newer reports have said that when the consumer refuses the service or questions the validity of the call, the caller becomes hostile, makes obscene threats and even threatens to show up at the person’s house and harm them or their family. “These scammers use despicable, high-pressure tactics to try and frighten consumers into giving up access to their private data,” Morrisey said. “If an unsolicited caller ever harasses or threatens you or your family, you should hang up and report the call immediately to local law enforcement and our Office’s Consumer Protection Division.” If you have received one of these unsolicited telephone calls from Microsoft, please call the Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division at 800-368-8808. If you are concerned you already may be a victim of identity theft, call local law enforcement as well as the Federal Trade Commission at 877-438-4338 or go online to www.ftc.gov/idtheft. To see this scam in process, visit our sister site Fat Cat Technology Studios where I call the scammers and give them access to my computer. Then, I BUST them.


Fat Cat Computers, has partnered with Master Technician Jason Kubin of Comstar Computers & Consulting. Still conveniently located at 726 East Market Street in Harrisonburg. Call them at 540-388-3085 for both onsite and remote services. Servicing all of your technological needs.

ComTools Apollo

We have been working hard and it's been a long, road but we've finally finished the beta version of ComTools code named Apollo. ComTools is a toolset designed to help you remedy problems with your computer, the internet, viruses, and more. Check it out HERE!

TOOLS INCLUDED: Network Settings Gatherer, Network Configuration Reset Tool, IP Address Refresher, Ping Tester, Tracer, IP Scanner, CCleaner, HijackThis, Kapersky Security Scan, Avira PC Cleaner, System Information Wizard, AntiMalware Toolkit, Disk Formatter, Disk Defragment Tool, CD/DVD Drive Ejecter, RW Eraser, Disk Error Fixer, Drive Manager, System Folder Loader, Hive Loader, Force Boot, Passive Boot, Standard Boot, System Shutdown Tool, ATF Cleaner, Shutdown Abort Tool, MSConfig, Recuva, CPUz, Double Driver, Smart Driver Backup, Clone Disk, Reg Repair, Auto Logon, Remove Fake Antivirus, Barts Test Everything, ComboFix, Killbox, Color Changer, uTorrent, Stinger 64, Rootkit Remover, Unknown Devices, 3DP Chip, BootICE, Browsing History Viewer, Capacity Restore, All New CCleaner, Complete Internet Repair, Content Advisory Password Remover, CPU Info, Dial-a-Fix, Disk Genius, Data Rescue, GPU-Z, HDD Scan, HDD Scan for Windows 2k/XP, HD Tune Up, LCD Screen Tester, Memory Tester, Process Explorer, McAfee Reoval Tool, All New Registry Repair, Winsock Fixer, LSP Fixer, LSP Fixer for Vista/7, LSP Fixer for w8/w10, and an Online Center, plus many more titles added with each update.

Current Version: Apollo v2u5

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